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Which week are you able to participate on this project?   1st   2nd   3rd   4th             Where Needed

Spiritual Qualifications

Are you actively involved financially in the missions program of your local church?   Yes             No
How long have you participated? Years:       Months:
Is there anything in your testimony that would disqualify you from being a representative of CLAMP on this missions trip such as drinking, smoking, chewing, etc.?   Yes     No
If you were not included in this team due to numerical limitations, would you be willing to be a part of another week or the next CLAMP missions trip?   Yes     No
Do you attend all the services of your local church regularly if not providentially hindered (sickness, work, etc.)?   Yes    No

The priority for asking people to participate has been:
1. Spiritual Qualifications
2. Length of involvement in missions programs
3. Health Status
4. Experience and ability in skilled labor
5. Availability

The remaining spots on the term will be filled based on the same priorities and the completion of this intent form. We realize that there are a good number of qualified and capable men that cannot go for various reasons and obligations. We seek to fill all positions as the project dictates and skills are required.

Please contact us at 757-482-1177 or [email protected] with any further questions.